Audiology Services

Diagnostic Audiologic Evaluations for Adults and Children

The audiometric evaluation consists of pure tone air and bone conduction and speech testing. Testing pure tones is completed to determine the degree of hearing loss and whether hearing loss is conductive or sensorineural.

Evaluation for Hearing Aids, Hearing Aid Fitting and Dispensing

Our philosophy is to provide our patients with the best hearing instruments available based on several factors including lifestyle, the severity of the hearing loss, the impact of the hearing loss on communication. We strive to find the perfect match to help you hear well again.

VNG – Balance Evaluations

Videonystagmography evaluates the function of the vestibular portion of the inner ear for patients who are experiencing symptoms of vertigo, unsteadiness, dizziness, and other balance disorders. Hearing evaluation tests (Audiometry, ABR, and EcochG) are frequently combined with vestibular studies for the identification of inner ear disorders.


Acoustically evoked otoacoustic emission testing allows the audiologist to understand how the outer hair cells of your inner ear are working.  OAE testing can establish a normal hearing level in the newborn, infant, and in children or adults.

In-Office Services

We encourage ongoing cleaning and maintenance after your hearing aid purchase to ensure you receive optimum performance and benefit from your hearing aid(s). We encourage all our patients to come in for regular hearing aid check-ups and cleaning.

Repairs, Maintenance, Cleanings, and Warranties come with all brands of hearing aids. We offer in-office repairs when possible on most makes/models.

Battery Sales

  • Size 10 (yellow)
  • Size 312 (brown)
  • Size 13 (orange)
  • Size 675 (blue)

Assistive Devices

When hearing aids are not enough or not appropriate we offer devices for the TV, telephone, FM classroom amplification, body aids, and sound alert devices.

Custom Earmolds

We offer custom hearing protection for people who work or play in loud noise or music, and earmolds for musicians, hunters, swimmers, iPOD use, hands free cell phones and in-the-ear monitors.

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